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car accident lawyer VancouverVancouver Car Accident Lawyer

Over one-hundred thousand vehicle crashes involving Washington drivers occur annually, causing millions of dollars in vehicle damage and medical expenses. While some of these accidents are minor “fender benders”, the costs of repairing even minor vehicle damage can add up. In more serious accidents, where injuries and significant vehicle damage occur, the long-term costs can be enormous. All in all, these monetary losses add up, making it necessary to enlist an experienced car accident lawyer to help seek compensation.

At Mila Boyd Law Offices, our car accident lawyer and legal staff are well-versed in crucial liability laws and insurance issues that affect all multi-vehicle accidents. Our legal team deals with all aspects of your recovery, from vehicle repair to handling all insurance negotiations. Washington drivers often have coverage required by state law that includes coverage for personal injury protection and uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits. Recovery for your damages may include both your own auto insurance company and the other driver’s insurance. Our attorneys help maximize your compensation from all sources. We also negotiate with your medical providers on your behalf to minimize the expenses you pay if you sustained injury.


How to Recover Medical Treatment Costs       

If you were injured in a car accident, you may have medical coverage under your own car insurance, or car insurance for your household.  This insurance coverage is called Personal Injury Protection or “PIP”.  You should contact your car insurance right away to find out more about your PIP coverage.  Your PIP insurance will be the first responsible to pay for your medical bills up to the amount under your car insurance policy.  You may have $10,000.00 to $35,000.00 under your car insurance to help immediately pay for medical bills without copays or deductibles.

Once you have used up or exhausted all of your PIP insurance, you can use your personal health insurance.

It is important to know that an at-fault driver or at-fault party insurance company is not responsible for paying your medical bills until you legally pursue an insurance claim against them.  Our car accident lawyer can help with this process, and to help recover medical bills.


How a Vancouver Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

While not every car crash requires court proceedings, our attorneys have the necessary trial experience to handle complicated automobile accident litigation. Insurance companies who insure negligent drivers have substantial assets and often aggressively defend claims brought against them. They typically attempt to settle claims for far less than full value when victims do not have legal representation. They may even try to convince the victims of crashes that they do not need a car accident lawyer.

Our lawyers have the necessary resources, the experience, and the reputation to aggressively and ethically handle all types of automobile accident cases. Our representation can be the difference between a full recovery, and receiving less than the fair amount for your claim. You will never have to pay an up-front fee, our firm is only paid if we earn a recovery for you. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, contact our office today for a free consultation. Contact Mila Boyd Law Offices today or call us at (360) 433-9361.